It seems after scrolling through all the comments made here, that I am not the only one with a complaint about DOLLAR GENERAL…. here in UNION COUNTY,GA where we have FIVE, count ’em…FIVE….DOLLAR GENERAL stores….all selling CHEAP CRAP FROM CHINA…. apparently DOLLAR GENERAL CORPORATE doesn’t care about CUSTOMER SERVICE…because I sure didn’t seem to get any when I went to one of your local stores… on Sunday, Oct 4 2015, at approximately 3:40pm, my sister and I went to STORE #03810….there were stacks of boxes out front with BIG SIGNS that read 70% OFF….. we even inquired of one of the employees….a young man dressed all in black with NO NAME TAG….about the sale, and we were assured that everything in the boxes was indeed 70% off…. my sister and I then proceeded to fill our baskets with all kinds of cheap crap from china…. when we went to the register, my sister went first, and I really didn’t pay much attention to her purchases…. then when it was my turn, as soon as items began ringing up, I asked about the 70% OFF….I couldn’t see the register screen because of glare from the overhead lighting, and the readout on the card slider screen didn’t show the discounts….the young man ringing me up said that items were ringing up at 50% OFF….I pointed out the fact of the BIG SIGNS OUT FRONT MARKED 70% OFF….he then called over a manager, another young man in black with NO NAME TAG….HE then looked things over and said to me, “that sale ended yesterday, but I can give you 50% off.” FAILURE ON DOLLAR GENERAL’S EMPLOYEES TO PROPERLY DO THEIR JOB, IE:REMOVING SALE SIGNS WHEN THEY ARE NO LONGER APPLICABLE…. IS NOT MY PROBLEM….HAVE THEY NEVER HEARD THE ADAGE, THE CUSTOMER IS ALWAYS RIGHT?? THERE WAS NOTHING ON THE SIGNS SHOWING THE DATES SALE WAS EFFECTIVE THROUGH. THE CORRECT THING FOR THE MANAGER TO HAVE DONE WOULD’VE BEEN TO HONOR THE SALE PRICE, THEN TAKE SIGNS DOWN AFTER CUSTOMERS HAVE LEFT…. From what I’ve been reading here….DOLLAR GENERAL doesn’t seem to care a whit about it’s customers, only about the bottom line, $$$ and selling cheap crap from china. I personally WILL NEVER SHOP AT ANOTHER DOLLAR GENERAL AGAIN….I’D RATHER SPEND MORE MONEY AT A DIFFERENT STORE WHERE I GET TREATED BETTER…. LIKE FAMILY DOLLAR…. DOLLAR GENERAL….WHAT A SORRY-ASS EXCUSE OF A STORE CHAIN….

Information, reviews and commentary for Dollar General Offices located at 100 Mission Ridge, Goodlettsville, TN, 37072

Source: Dollar General

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